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Posted in Made In England by martinbatt on April 28, 2010

Is ”Made in England” just for Savile Row, Mayfair and iconic British fashion designers?
Typically access to quality textiles and fabrics is important for clothing manufacturers, so is there a textile industry left in Britain that not only supports the desires of the clothing manufacturers but can reduce the vast carbon footprint generated by the global clothing industry?
Can improved branding of the British clothing and manufacturing industry bring a renaissance to certain areas of the clothing industry? In reality can Britain be more competitive than many other parts of Europe based on the weakness of the pound.
Is there a second tier of clothing manufacture in Britain that is far from the realms of Primark but positions itself under Savile Row in terms of cost? Quality and innovation is in the drivers seat so how do today’s British manufacturers survive and can branding and especially by utilising new medias etc. increase awareness. Not just for the domestic market but also for niche markets in the Asian region where there is an accelerating class of customers hungry for mid to high end and unique products. So can Made in England be sold back to the Asians, into the very heart of what has been their own back yard for last few decades.
Issues such as counterfeiting must be addressed but can the “Made in England” brand grow in the Asian markets. Are the skill sets still available in Britain to pick up this challenge?
There is still a textile and garment manufacturing industry in England this website contains relevant information :
I plan to explore the opportunities of raising brand awareness by questioning a number of British based companies in the clothing industry to understand to key issues regarding Brand Made in England and how they survive today and plan to grow in the future.
Based on this I will develop a visual statement to support this research.


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